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Why use a serum and how?

Serums are facial treatments characterized by a formula with a high concentration of active ingredients: such as hyaluronic acid, essential oils, fruit acids, etc. Serums are very concentrated; few products are enough and are intended to act in complementarity with other treatments, to enhance their effectiveness.


Why use a serum?

The serum is not only intended to beautify the skin or moisturize it. It has a profound effect on the skin cells and enhances the effectiveness of creams used daily while preparing the epidermis for care.

To know if you need a serum, you must observe your skin. If you feel it lacks radiance, is tight or has imperfections despite your usual routine, intensive treatment will certainly prove beneficial.

How to apply a serum?

The serum is applied in the morning and/or evening on perfectly clean and dry skin.

It is recommended to avoid any application around the eyes. As the skin in this area is particularly thin, there is a risk of intolerance or the formation of pockets if the product is stored there in excess. If you want to treat this area, you can turn to serums specifically intended for this use.

Take a few drops of product using the applicator, place them directly on the face and make the treatment penetrate by massaging from the outside inwards using smoothing gestures. Then apply your day or night cream.